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Declaration Of Love

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  • Пьеса; сценарий: Драматургия
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    Peter comes to his ex-wife Anna to agree on some details of the upcoming divorce but as a result finds out unexpected details of their family life.

  •    Declaration of Love
       Ludmila Anselm
       translated by Jim Clinton
      CAST: Anna -a woman, about 40 years.
       Peter - her husband, a man the same age.
      PLACE: American apartment.
      Anna"s apartment. Piles of clothes on the floor. Enter Peter.
      PETER: Can I come in, Anna?
      ANNA: Why didn"t you call, Peter?
      PETER: It"s not a telephone conversation. Can I...
      ANNA: Peter, you"re here, come in.
      PETER: I"ve come to talk...you know what I mean.
      ANNA: Come on in, and let"s talk... I'm spring cleaning. Careful!
      PETER: Want me to take my shoes off?
      ANNA: No. Men in socks looks silly.
      He walks around piles of clothes on the floor.
       Step on the rugs. Here, then over here, and here; now sit on the sofa. Relax.
      Peter sits on the sofa.
      PETER: I finally want... to talk about our divorce papers...
      ANNA: I knew you will come today...
      PETER: Why?
      ANNA: I saw you in my dream last night... You go along the beach swinging your arms, and I steal along behind you, it was so funny...
      PETER: So me at the beach, what"s funny?
      ANNA: I'm not done. A friend of mine follows you swinging his arms just like you: he is mocking you.... And I follow both of you... can"t help laughing.... I hide when you look round. You seem to be looking for me and don"t pay any attention to my friend.
      PETER: What"s his name... your friend?
      ANNA: You didn"t seem to know him well. Maybe you have met him at our office parties.
      PETER: So I know him!
      ANNA: There were lots of people there: you didn"t pay much attention to him.
      PETER: Why, is he inconspicuous?
      ANNA: Inconspicuous to you perhaps, you were more interested in chatting up the ladies.
      PETER: Describe him to me maybe I"ll remember him.
      ANNA: He is taller than you; his eyes are blue, and his hair ...
      PETER: Where did you meet?
      ANNA: At work... in the office.
      PETER: You used to tell me about your work friends in detail. You probably told me about him.
      ANNA: I might not have told you much about him...
      PETER: Why?
      ANNA: It"s not important now.
      PETER: Yes, it"s important, since you brought him up. It is important! How well do you know him?
      ANNA: None of your business. You decided to have a divorce, and we separated. Now you have your own life, and I - mine.
      PETER: Do you think that I don"t still care? After fifteen years!
      ANNA: Fifteen years six months and two weeks.
      PETER: Anna!
      ANNA: Anyway, I don"t see him any more.
      PETER: When did you stop?
      ANNA: I can"t remember...
      PETER: Think... Real... Hard...
      ANNA: About a half of year ago, after he quit our office.
      PETER: So it is "out of sight, out of mind". And what kind of relationship did you have?
      ANNA: What kind of relationship can be between man and woman? Need me to spell it out?
      PETER: You cheated on me...
      ANNA: Yes.
      PETER: And you told me none of this?
      ANNA: I didn"t want to.
      PETER: You found somebody and kept on living with me as if nothing had happened!
      ANNA: And while living with me you didn"t waste time too...
      PETER: That"s why we"re going to divorce. Why didn"t you tell me about him?
      ANNA: Peter, if I had made up my mind to divorce you, I would"ve told you everything.
      PETER: Why didn"t you want to divorce me?... May be he didn"t want to marry you?
      ANNA: When we fell for each other, he was married.
      PETER: I suppose, he didn"t want to divorce his wife. How long did your relationship last?
      ANNA: I don"t remember exactly... about two...
      PETER: What a two-timer you really are! And still I wonder...did you stop seeing each other when he got a new job?
      ANNA: At first we met often, but then... He had to drive across the whole city. You know the traffic jams...
      PETER: Traffic jams! Was it just traffic jams you blame? Couldn"t you make up anything more interesting? Say, a plane crash: your lover dies falling down from a huge height, or you are attacked by thugs, he defends you but is stabbed in the back, bleeding badly...
      ANNA: Peter, stop mocking!
      PETER: Ha! Who is mocking who? Your lover moves to the other end of the city, and then - end of love! I would"ve understood you if it was a real passion... but I don"t know what to call this. Some nonsense! Stupidity! Because of this nonsense our whole relationship goes to hell?
      ANNA: Our relationship? What did I get? Just humiliation. Did you really love me? Every party you ignored me and quickly found a woman and started flirting. What chance did I have? Just to be a wallflower?
      PETER: Did you do all that in revenge? If yes, then that"s different.
      ANNA: It doesn"t matter whether I did this in revenge or not...
      He was extraordinary, very considerate, loved me, used to bring me flowers...
      PETER: Considerate: traffic jams and end of love! Don"t you feel ashamed to tell me, your husband, all this? After fifteen years together...
      ANNA: Fifteen years six months and two weeks.
      PETER: Anna!
      Anna (comes close.): Peter!
      Peter (pushes her away.): Give me his phone number.
      ANNA: What for?
      PETER: I want to meet him... and his wife.
      ANNA: And why his wife?
      PETER: I"ll compare her and you! Give me his phone number!
      ANNA: I don"t have it.
      PETER: That"s a lie, Anna. You"re lying!
      ANNA: I don't have it... not since we parted.
      PETER: Then - his last name. Well, come on!
      ANNA: I won"t.
      PETER: Oh, I understand, it means that you didn"t have anybody and any relationship. You"ve made up the whole romance. Nobody hankered after you, just your sick imagination: love, infidelity, traffic jams-all this is a lie. Our whole life together was a mistake.
      ANNA: Peter, but we had such fun together.
      PETER: Fun? Me? Never! What"re you talking about? All our life together was a complete and utter torture for me.
      ANNA: Our "grunge" costume party...
      PETER: Ya, friends still mention it, but that was different.
      ANNA: Why?
      PETER: I"ve never loved you, not a moment!
      Anna (slowly): Full moon... Lake George... when we slipped off the paddle boat... You like to sleep touching me...
PETER: (pause) It was long ago.
      ANNA: Peter, why did you marry me?
      PETER: Your pregnancy.
      ANNA: But it was a mistake.
      PETER: I decided that I was committed to marry you...Well, I"ve come to see you on business. I finally wanted to dot all the "i"s. Now I understand everything. You"re a liar and disgusting trash! I feel suffocated! I"m divorcing you. I"ll complete the divorce agreement myself. Good-bye!
      Peter leaves. Anna runs after him.
      ANNA: Peter, wait stop! I told you a lie!
      PETER: (stops at the door). More lies?ANNA: Listen, I had a love affair and it ended when he, my lover, died in a car crash. He was hurrying to be with me when...(Anna swallows hard.) passed a bus and hit another car...
      PETER: Passed a bus? Passed... When did it happen?
      ANNA: Six months ago.
      PETER: Six months... It was Michael! My best friend!
      ANNA: Yes, Michael.
      PETER: How did it happen?
      ANNA: He was hurrying to see me...
      PETER: I introduced you to Michael! I was proud for you to see what a wonderful friend I had.
      ANNA: He was really a wonderful...
      PETER: You"re going to say "a lover"? I can"t believe... it can"t be true. If there had been something between you, I certainly would have noticed it.
      ANNA: You and Michael didn"t meet so often lately... He was afraid that you would suspect us.
      PETER: I respected him so much: joyful, full of life, and so tragically... We"d been friends as kids: at school, at college...he had always rescued me... when we were about twelve; a dog jumped out and grabbed my leg... Michael found a stick and beat the dog away. I still have the scar; I can show it to you.
      ANNA: I"ve seen your "dog bite" a lot of times...
      PETER: We used to be close friends... Used to read each other well, so quick on the uptake... How come I didn"t notice anything?ANNA: You were busy... You so persistently hung round his wife.
      PETER: It was nothing serious... (angry silence.) Oh, and she must"ve noticed that there was something between you. Women - they notice everything. I"ll call her right now...
      Grabs his cell phone.
      ANNA: Stop it! Can you really call a woman who lost her husband just six months ago and ask her about her husband"s infidelity?
      Peter silently closes his cell phone and throws it.
      ANNA: Didn"t you have an affair with her? I thought that you were seeing each other, especially after his death.
      PETER: How could he? I cannot believe... My best friend...
      Silence while Peter stares with confused interest at Anna.
      ANNA: Why are looking at me like that?
      PETER: Anna, what did he see in you?
      ANNA: Think...
       PETER: I don"t ... Tell me, please...
      ANNA: He loved me... It was real passion...
      PETER: Amazing! So unexpectedly. He was striking, brilliant, so able...
       What now...
      ANNA: Peter, you"ve come to agree about our divorce. Let"s start.
      PETER: Anna, wait, wait... let me see...
      ANNA: Just a second. I will get the agreement you sent me.
      PETER: Anna, I don"t know...
      ANNA: Since you"ve come, let"s do it. We need to dot all the "i"s...
       PETER: I need time...I have to understand... Maybe, I"ve changed my mind...

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  • Пьеса; сценарий: Драматургия
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