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Father'S Day

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  • Пьеса; сценарий: Драматургия
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    The sex problems, which could arise from a father, who raises his daughter alone, when she becomes a teenager.

      DADDY: 40 years old 6/10/13
      SARA: 15 year old daughter
      DADDY sits at kitchen table. He just wearing socks. He"s sipping a beer, he appears sort of depressed. There is a news paper, but he is looking at a picture of a middle aged woman. There is a pile of neatly folded laundry on the edge of the table.
       There is the sound of footsteps. He sighs kisses the picture and puts the picture down. SARA flounces in texting on her cellphone. She throws off her backpack full of books.
      DADDY: Hi Princess... Why Late? Heavy backpack!
      SARA: Bio today. That book is the heaviest. Field hokey went late..
      DADDY: I was missing you!
      SARA: You"re missing Mom.
      DADDY: You"re getting pretty. Like your Mom. All the men used to look at her.
      SARA: Daddy! Mom again?
       DADDY: She died two years ago tomorrow...
      SARA(looking at the photo of her mother) I know.... I still have dreams about her.
      DADDY: I wish you knew more about her.
      SARA: (running stage left) I want a Coke. (finds one). When are you going to start buying me some beer? (Sara finally looking at the pile of clothes). Wow! You"ve been doing laundry! (prepares to leave again)
      DADDY: Went to Market Basket too. We were running low...out of Diet Coke...... Where are you going?
      SARA: To the library. (sneaks a pill from the backpack and swallows ) ...Ashley will help me with Geometry.....
      DADDY (sees her take the pill): I thought we had stopped the pills....What"s going on? I thought you were better.
      SARA: I am. Today, Mr. Gordon said that both boys and girls have more active hormones.... We"re not children anymore!
      DADDY: But lying in bed all day. Refusing to go to school... That"s more than hormones. I"ll make another appointment with Doctor Knowles.
      SARA: No! No! I don"t need a doctor! No! I"m cool!
      DADDY: Your cool mood frightens me even more.... Knowles called me afterwards and said you appeared somewhat manic depressive....
      SARA: Manic Depressive?
      DADDY; Your very good moods suddenly turn to black depression for no apparent reason.
      SARA: Daddy. I have nothing like that!
      DADDY; Sara, why are you so moody? What"s going on? I"ve been thinking it was because of you"re mother"s death.
      SARA:(looking at her mothers picture) I still think about her. I get sad.... (looks at her father) But Mom is not my problem. Daddy, I"ve really got to get to the library.
      (Starts to get up and puts on lipstick)
      DADDY: Tell me what you think the problem is... I want to know.
      SARA: I"m in a hurry...
      DADDY: Tell me, and then you can go.
      SARA: Why do you always want to talk when I"m in a hurry?
      Daddy: Tell me!
      SARA: OK...because of Skip...
      DADDY (motioning to the newspaper): Isn"t "Skip" captain of the Freshman football team. Right? What"s up?
      SARA: He"s eating lunch at Brittany"s table... Not mine anymore. Then in study after lunch he comes up to me... He says I used to be his best friend... but now....
      DADDY: What else does he say?
      SARA: Daddy, I don"t want to upset you.
      DADDY: I"m already big time upset! We don"t have your Mom to help us anymore. Let"s try to work this out together.....
      SARA: Promise not to get mad and fly off the handle?
      DADDY: I promise! What else is he saying to you?
      SARA: Since the Prom, we"ve been spending a lot time together... walking, kissing...
      DADDY: Kissing!
      SARA: Ali and Ryan are kissing each other... and more...
       Well.....Skip has become more stubborn... about us....
      DADDY: Stubborn, about more than kissing?
      SARA; I"ve put him off. He called me all kinds of names...anyhow.. Ashley told me that she saw him with Kirsten over at Middle school.
      DADDY; Maybe you should try talking with him?
      SARA(nostalgically): I did! I reminded him about when we were in preschool. We were the "odd pair"... We hid upstairs and read books together... In 5th grade he gave me a ring made of knotted string... Last year we climbed to the top of Blue Hill and picked blue berries... We could see for miles ...we said one day we would fly in one of those airplanes flying so close to us. We would fly to London...to Paris. Maybe even Hawaii...
      Then I managed to ask him how Kirsten was better than me. .
       He said she on a scale of one to ten I was a ten, but she"s like 1000 ...She"s exciting... spicy ,...less stiff.
      DADDY: Bastard!
      SARA: That"s when I went to bed all day... I felt so heavy. My head hurt. Now you see, I"m better...
      DADDY: Why are you better?
      SARA: I have Skip again! Now can I go?
      DADDY: Skip! Give me your backpack! (they fight over it. Daddy wins. He searches and finds the pills). These don"t look like the pills Doctor Knowles prescribed!
      SARA: Give "em back!
      DADDY: What are these pills?... One a day!... Are these birth control pills?
       (SARA is silent).
      DADDY: Skip wants sex! ... with you!!! You"re only fourteen years old!!! Only 9th grade...
      SARA: I"m fifteen..
      DADDY(fit of temper) No! No! This is the limit! Neither of you are prepared.
      SARA(fit of temper) Daddy! I"m not ignorant! There"s reality TV, internet, Facebook, Twitter...
      DADDY(shouting): Sara! You could get pregnant! Or get a disease that would affect you for the rest of your life.
      SARA: The world is different from when you were in high school...
       (Sara uses her cell and finds a picture of her friends having sex. Holding the phone in his face she shouts)
       See! Half my friends are having sex!
      DADDY: Oh God! I"m not prepared for this. Why did you decided to have sex? ... Why?
      SARA: I agreed, when... when he said he wanted to marry me...
      DADDY (shouting): He lies! He only wants sex!!
      SARA: I can"t go on without Skip. It"s like... how... how you miss... Mama.
      DADDY: If you get pregnant? Then what? How do you think you"ll remember to take a pill every day? You can"t remember to take off your shoes when you come into the house!
       You have no idea how confused your life will be if you start having sex... Boys want sex every minute... He will never marry you...
      SARA: I have to go.
      DADDY: To Skip?
      SARA: Yes.
      DADDY (grabs Sara"s wrist, and raises his other hand): Don"t go!
      SARA(raises her hands): Let me go!
      DADDY: I"m your Father!
      SARA: If you hit me, I"ll call the police...
      DADDY: I"ll call the police too!! I know... I"ll drive over to Skip"s parents! You don"t care enough about your future!
      SARA: Just because you"re my "Father" doesn"t make you God! It"s my life!
      DADDY(softer, serious): I love you... I want to be with you as long as I can.....
      ( He settles more resigned in a chair. confidently:)
       Sit down. I have to tell you something right now! Sit.
      SARA (sits): You are just going to twist things!
      DADDY: I"ve told you that your mother and I met each other at Northeastern. I was 19, she was 19 too.
      SARA: I know...I"ve heard many times.
      DADDY(deep breath) ...She got pregnant! We had no skills, no job, no money and we we were both in debt. We couldn"t possibly have a child....there was just one thing to do....Abortion.
      We got married in our senior year. We got jobs. Saved money...
      SARA (stands ) I have to go.
      DADDY: Sara! I have"nt told you the whole story. After the abortion your mom could"nt get pregnant. You are adopted!
      SARA: Wh...WHAT?
      DADDY: Your mother and I adopted you when you were six months old!
      SARA (aghast): You"re not my real father! ....You"ve lied to me!
      DADDY: It was not a lie...
      SARA: Mom was not my real mother? Why didn"t she say...sooner?
      DADDY: Ever since we adopted you, your Mother and I have been thinking about how to tell you. All the time... I felt guilty; I said that about your looks. You are very pretty, like she was...
       I still remember carrying you home that first day. You were so precious to us. So small ... You started to cry. I held you close to me and you stopped crying, and you smiled at me.
      SARA (shakily): You didn"t you tell me sooner?
      DADDY: I tried a couple of times. I"m sorry.... Now I feel better that you know at last...
      SARA: Where"s my mother?
      DADDY: I don"t know where she is now...
      SARA: Who is she?
      DADDY: She was only 15 like you. She came from out of town to study here. She lived with her Aunt and Uncle. She alone decided to give you up...
      SARA: Her parents?
      DADDY: They know nothing about you.... She never told them. They lived in another state...
      SARA: I want to meet my mother...who is she?... Are we alike? She must be something like me. I will never know unless I meet her... (Pause) Who is my father?
      DADDY: I don"t know. His name is not on your birth certificate...
      SARA: What"s my name?
      DADDY: Your mother gave you her last name... O"Brian...But we gave you ours..
      SARA(musingly) O"Brian!...Sara.... O"Brian
      DADDY(kindly) No! ....You are still Sara Thompson!
       (Daddy comes to Sara and they hug)
      THE END

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  • Пьеса; сценарий: Драматургия
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