Ансельм Людмила Николаевна
How to be happy

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    The heroine of the play understood, that she could be happy only in her family, when she takes care of her children and her husband.

      Synopsis the play
      Julie, the heroine of the play " How to be happy" at last understood it is impossible to be happy alone she can be happy only together with her husband and children.
      Characters: 03/02/10
      JULIE: Forty, wife of Michael, mother of four children,
      ANN: Thirty-six, doctor, friend of Julie.
      MICHAEL: Thirty-six, Julie"s husband.
      VOICE of TOM: Young boy, nine, son of Julie and Michael.
      PETER: Thirty-six, Ann"s husband
      SALLY: Julie"s mother in seventies
      Time: Year 2005-locations:
       A upscale bar in a small New England town.
       Living room in Michael and Julie"s home.
       Room in Ann"s home
       Ann"s college dorm room in 1985.
      Scene I
       Ann and Julie sit at a table in a bar with martinis.
      Julie. Ann, ... look! Every table has an ashtray, but smoking prohibited...
      Ann. Julie! Forget it, please.
      Julie. Easy for you to say: "Forget it". I want to smoke...
      Ann. Julie, you asked me here to talk ... about ashtrays?
      Julia. Remember how we used to be good? We came in, ordered a coffee and smoked, smoked, it wasn't hurting anybody. Now, smoke in the right place, on the street, and passers-by shy away from you like a leper.
      Ann. You said we need to talk... I Have an urgent job...
      Julia. Yes, gone are those days...
      Anne. (eagerly) Yes, Yes gone, what's next?
      Julia. Ann, you're my best friend...
      Anna. Julie! You said you really had to talk.
      Julie. Ann, you have been my best friend for a long time. I'm very thankful you that you introduced me Mike...
      Ann. "Cheers!" (They sip their martinis). My treat. I know money is tight.
      Julie. Money"s no problem. There"s none. Not enough food. As soon as it"s bought it"s eaten by my children.
      Ann (exasperated). Julie, what"s... going... on?
      Julie. OK.
      Gulps martini
      He doesn't love me...
      Ann. Who?
      Julie. Mike.
      Ann. Don't be silly.
      Julie. He loves me only when I'm pregnant...
      Ann. "Cheers!" (exasperated). Julie, do you need Mike's love?
      Juli. Yes, and, because of this I want to be pregnant. When I"m pregnant, I'm happy.
      Ann. What is a problem? You have a husband...
      Julie. Michael is dead set against it... two children are enough for him.
      Ann: You"re depressed now?
      Julie. Yes... He doesn't know when I hold and feed a tiny baby, I get such joy, such pleasure. It is not like any thing else, not even sex. I want a little warm baby to smile up at me,
      Ann. Say..., how are the kids? How do you manage to take care of them?
      Julie. Oh, they take care of each other. Mother is usually home. Tom keeps an eye on Nicole . They hardly need me. They are very self-sufficient. They walk to school, play with neighbors" kids, and watch television.
      Ann. Ah... what do they eat?
      Julie. Mother makes sandwiches.
      Ann. I just don"t understand you. Why do you want more children?
      Julie. You don"t understand, because you don"t have children.
      Ann. "And never will..." You"re thinking?
      Julie. I"m just telling you, why you can"t understand my family or me.
      Ann looks daggers at Julie
      Julie. Ok, ok, I"m sorry. But I just have to get pregnant. Ann, listen there was this French writer....
      Ann"s cell phone rings
      Ann: Sorry Julie. It"s probably the Hospital. I have a patient...
      Ann leaves, Julie sips martini and checks her make up. Her cell rings.
      Julie. Hello...
      Voice Tom. Nicole and me are hungry. There"s is no peanut butter...
      Julie. Where is Granny?
      Voice Tom. She is sleeping...
      Julie. Look in the kitchen cabinet. There is a package of spaghetti. You can cook that.
      Voice Tom. Mom, I can"t.
      Julie. What can"t you?
      Voice Tom. Cook spaghetti.
      Julie. Take the big pot, and fill it with water.
      Voice Tom. How much water?
      Julie. Just some, just some. Listen carefully. With the pot half full of water... Turn the stove to "high". When the water boils put in the spaghetti. When it is soft and has good taste, turn off the stove... But it will be better, if you will awake Granny.
      Julie while waiting for Ann sips martini. Her cell phone rings again
      Julie: Hello...
      Julie. Too high up! ... Get Granny's cane and knock it down on the floor. Spaghetti will break some, but no problem.... Ok?
      Julie: Bye, bye...
      Julie closes her cell just as Ann returns.
      Ann. What"s going on?
      Julie (aside to Ann). Good in school, but he doesn"t know how to boil water and cook spaghetti. I just told Tommy how to cook some spaghetti.
      Ann (slowly). You... have... just... told... little... Tommy... how... to... use... the... stove... all by... himself?
      Julie. So? I want my children to be self-sufficient.
      Ann. But a stove! Where is your mother?
      Julie. When I left, mother was dozing in front of the TV...
      Ann. Oh! Oh! My God! I"ll make sure your mother knows what he is doing.
      Ann grabs her cell phone and dials Julie"s home
      Ann. Tommy, it"s aunt Ann... I"m with your Mom, please, ask your Granny to help you...
      Voice Tom. But Granny is sleeping.
      Ann Go and awake her. She will help you. Do you promise me?
      Voice Tom. OK (hangs up).
      Ann is still shaking her head
       Julia. Ann! ... Calm down... Ann, with kids... the first time they learn anything is always risky... I want my kids to be confident and self-sufficient...
      Julia. Let's continue. We were talking about a French writer...
      Ann (still distressed): OK... Ok... Against my better judgment... a French writer?
       Julie: Yeah, yeah, my cousin told me about this book. Some French writer, name begins with "M", told about a woman who wanted a child and confided in a priest...
      Julie takes a sip of her martini.
      This woman told the priest: "I want a child, but my husband doesn"t. He uses every possible way not to impregnate me."
      Ann (still upset). It"s Maupassant"s novel, "Life".
      Julie. Yeah... OK... listen... the priest said: "Why not tell your husband you"re pregnant? He"ll stop his foolishness; and you"ll soon be pregnant." ... So she tried it, and she became pregnant!
      Ann: You haven"t told Michael you"re pregnant?
      Julie: I want to...
      Ann (laughing). I can just imagine his reaction.
      Julie (laughing). Me too.
      Ann. He won"t believe you.
      Julie. You"re right. So, here"s my idea ... YOU... tell him that I"m pregnant!
      Ann. Me?
      Julie. You"re a doctor...
      Ann. Julie, I can"t.
      Julie. Why?
      Ann. Not ethical. I... Julie, you could try some artificial insemination with his sperm somehow... It would be a challenge...
       Julia. No way could I do it, never. It"s too expensive for me
      Ann. So... If you want to convince Michael that you are pregnant you will have to act really pregnant.
      Julie. Like?
      Ann. Pregnant women have a ravenous appetite.
      Julie. Can do....
      Ann. They crave spicy and salty food.
      Julie. You"ve right... I"ll call Michael. He said he would shop the food on his way home. (Calls Michael on her cell). Hello? Michael? ... where are you? ... Good! ... Where am I? Still at work... Michael, can you pick up a jar of pickles ... I"m suddenly craving them... Good! See you soon.
      Closes cell
      Julie: You didn"t answer me. Will you tell Michael?
      Ann: Julie, I can"t lie to Michael.
      Julie: When I was pregnant with Nicole? You explained to him how it could happen. That birth control sometimes doesn"t work. He believed you.
      Ann. Yes! Birth control sometimes fails.
      Julie. Michael still trusts you, Ann, help me. Stand by me this one last time. I"m forty, this will be my last child, I swear.
      Ann. I just can"t tell Michael such a brazen lie.
      Julie. It"s a white lie. Remember how Michael was against Nicole? Now she"s his favorite ...
      Ann. And... what"s Michael"s side? Why he is against a new child?
      Julie. He"s worried about health insurance. He"s a contract programmer... I keep asking him to get regular job with health insurance. But he would make less money at a regular job... He says we have to give the kids a good education.
      Ann. Julie, good reasons. Health and education are important...
      Julie (angry, with increasing vehemence). People never seem to understand me! My mother wanted me to be a lawyer... she sat beside me when I did homework... suffocated me... She constantly checked me.
      Ann: Why do you suppose you suddenly remembered this?
      Julie (becoming angry): I think I told you once. Mother was so ambitious for me; she never gave me the just ... love. I had to be deceptive to get what I wanted... I would go to bed early and play with dolls under the covers rather than finish homework. She dragged me kicking and screaming from under the covers. ... When I grew up she couldn"t control me anymore. I quit college, worked, and married Michael.
      So I never became a lawyer. Misguided, spiteful perhaps, but I have a big active family... Like, what do you do with your education? ... You sit lonely at home and read...
      Ann. We"re talking about you... please, don"t touch me,,,
      Julie. You don"t want to lie to Michael! Do you think I like lying? It just happens to be necessary.
      Julie gets a pack of cigarettes from her purse
      Ann (in horror). Julie what are you doing? Not here!
      Julie. I need a smoke.
      Ann. Let's have a drink again. I'll buy two glasses of martini for us.
      Ann goes to the bar and returns with two glasses for some time they silently drink.
      Julia. It"s a good idea... but I don"t understand you... You are, my best friend deny me the smallest request. All Americans want to be happy...
      Ann. I don"t want to lie to Mike... Will finish this conversation... please, hide your cigarettes in the purse...
      Julie. But I told you, I need smoke...
      Julie grabs a pack of cigarettes lights the cigarettes and takes a deep breath. Ann grabs Julie by her free hand and briskly drags her toward the door.
      Ann. The street!
      Michael appears running in the door.
      Michael. Julia, we"ve got to go home. Hurry! Your mother called me...She said you were here... The house is full of smoke!
      Julie (grabbing her coat). Why?
      Michael. Tommy put spaghetti on the stove and went to watch TV.... All the water boiled off... It all burned. It"s out of control, the alarms; the house is full of smoke. All the kids are crying. Let"s go....
      Julie. Ann, we"ll talk.
      Ann. Good luck Julie.
      Michael (to Ann).Excuse us, Ann...
      Ann. OK, Mike. Hope everything is alright at home
      Michael. It"s nice to see you, Ann! Bye... we are in a hurry...
      Ann. Bye, Mike.
      Julie and Mike exit. Ann thoughtfully finishes her martini and exits
      Scene II
       A couple of weeks have gone by. Julie and Ann drink coffee in the same cafes "Time Out".
      Ann (finally). OK, Julie, you look terrible. You sounded all broken up. What"s happening, now?
      Julie. We have such conflict. Michael and I fought.
      Ann. About?
      Julie. I was eating all those disgusting salty pickles, and herring.
      Ann. And?
      Julie. Michael got suspicious.
      Ann. That you might be pregnant?
      Julie.Yes. And now he never wants sex. He just lies beside me. So quiet. I know he is not asleep.
      Ann. Maybe he wants to rest ...
      The phone
      Julie (by phone).Tommy, what's wrong now?
      Voice of Tom (still sobbing).My computer fell down on the floor and broken.
      Julie. Tommy, It is not broken. May be you turned on the computer incorrectly?
      Voice of Tom. It is very old computer. I couldn't find my game... And Nicole wants to have her game too. And the computer fell down.
      Ann.Julia, it's Tommy?
      Julia. Yes, he has the problem with computer. His computer is very old.
      Ann. Give me the phone. Tommy, listen to me, I have an idea! Just this morning I ordered a new computer. I"d like to give my old computer to you... Then you'll have two computers. I will put all the games you want on it... Please, stop crying! ... All right?
      Voice of Tom. I guess so!
      Julia. Tommy! What should you say?
      Voice of Tom. Thank you Aunt Ann...
      Julie. That"s nice of you Ann...! I"m so tired of these fights. Every day I have to remind them to follow the "Computer Use". This schedule Michael made up for them.
      Ann. Tommy seemed to stop crying.
      Julie. You worry about Tommy... What about me?
      Ann. Julie, does Michael ever say: "I love you!"
      Julie. In so many words? No!
      Ann. Those words mean something...
      Julie. Not for me! They lost any special sense long ago. Now you hear them everywhere, especially on TV, in the movies... Husband goes to work; the wife says into her coffee, "I love you!"... Husband comes home from work grabs the newspaper and says, "I love you!"... You"re not convinced.
      Ann. No, I"m not.
      Julie. Sorry... Ann, I need your help...
      Ann. What now?
      Julie. I told Michael that I"m not pregnant and he didn"t believe me.
      Ann (laughing). Yes, I understand you... The first time you ever told him the truth, and he didn"t believe you...
      Julie. Anyhow he didn"t change, now he has pretty much stopped talking to me. He"s thinking something, but I can"t put my finger on it. Ann I"m really scared... If he decided to divorce...
      Ann. And you want me to...
      Julie. Please, talk to him; find out what"s on his mind. Besides, it was your idea about my diet... And now we have this conflict. Help me...
      Ann: I haven"t talked seriously with him since we discussed about Nicole.
      Julie. Since Peter died; he"s had absolutely no close friends. He"s always respected you...
      Ann.This is hard for me...
      Julie. Why is this hard for you? I"m not asking you to lie to Michael.
      Pleading quietly.
       Ann, please try to help us get back together. We couldn"t live without him. I don"t like working full time. The kids absolutely adore him...
      Ann. How? I don't understand how can I help?
      Julie. At least find out what he"s thinking.
      Ann. How?
      Julie. After Michael puts the kids to bed he usually jogs for a half hour. On Mondays he stops at Sullies" Restaurant. He drinks a beer and watches TV night football games on TV. You could meet him there by chance. I"m sure you can at least help get to the bottom of this.
      Ann. Julie, as a friend ... this is a wake up call, a challenge. Now you have conflict . Conflict is a chance to improve your relations. Conflict is like a challenge, like a message.
      Julie. The message from whom?
      Ann. From God...
      Julia. Message, challenge... I don't understand...
      Ann. OK. Imaging that you're running and on your way to a barrier... Try to face it squarely. You have to jump over it. What you'll do? To clear this barrier you will need to run fast, take a deep breath, and jump hard...
      Julie (disparagingly). Sounds good, but what do I have to do?
      Ann. First don"t shirk the problem by giving it to me. This time you have to help yourself.
      Julie. How?
      Ann: Michael doesn"t respect you... Find the strength to change your relationship ... Spend more time with the kids; help them with their homework... for example. Try to understand Michael.
      Julie. I"m such a wreck. I"m afraid I can"t even help myself right now...
      Ann. Excuses! Why is it me who has to help you sort out your problems?
      Julie. You know why...
      Ann. No. I don't know... why.
      Julie. You"re my best friend. Also you are interested in Michael. You are so interested in every detail of our life. I know, and I tell you everything. Only you could help us.
      Ann. OK, where"" Sullie"s Restaurant"?
      Scene III
      A sports bar. Ann enters and looks around. Not seeing Michael she orders a beer. Hoping to not be noticed she takes the beer to a table in a dark corner. She slowly sips the beer. A song from a dozen years before plays. She remembers an evening when she and Michael were just young sophomores in college.
      Stage lighting changes flash back to a room twelve years ago. Or just isolate the table in the bar. It"s Ann"s sparkly furnished college dorm room. College football banners and a poster of Shakespeare (or the like) hang on the wall. There is a basketball on the floor, over in a corner. Ann is rinsing clothes by hand in a sink. She wrings out a blouse and hangs it on a makeshift clothesline. A knock on the door..
      Ann. Come in! It"s unlocked.
      Michael (with forced cheerfulness). I was just jogging by ... saw a light in your window... close game... we got a three pointer at the final
      Pause while he studies Ann.
       Saturday night, and you are in the middle of laundry...
      Ann (quiet voice). I have to do something, homework"s all done, and I"m rinsing some things. Why did you come? ... Why haven"t you called for so long?
      Michael (seeing the basket ball). My ball...
      He picks up the basketball and starts bouncing it.
      Ann (quietly). Please stop. My head aches.
      Michael putting the ball down carefully.
      Michael. I have to talk to you...
      Ann. I know...
      Michael. What have you heard?
      Ann. Julie called me this morning. She said you both decided to get... married... out of the blue... I haven"t recovered from it... Shocked!
      Michael (slumps in a chair). Me too. I just found out yesterday. Julie is... pregnant and I"ve got to marry her... there is no other way... I"m not ready for this... I lost my head and my whole life too...
      Ann. How far along is she?
      Michael. She said two months...
      Ann. Abortion?
      Michael. Impossible. Religious thing.
      Ann. Two months ago? Right after our party?
      Michael. Yes.
      Ann.That was the first time Julie came.
      Michael (agreeably). Yes, yes. It was your idea.
      Ann. But you invited her to dance.
      Michael. Out of politeness. She didn"t know anyone... She obviously wanted to dance... such sad eyes.
      Ann. Michael, I wanted to dance too.
      Michael. You danced with Peter.
      Ann. I couldn"t dance with you. You and Julie had gone into another world.
      Michael. She just stuck to me the whole time... I... I just couldn"t get away from her.
      Ann. And then what happened?
      Michael. I went to her apartment.
      Ann. And...?
      Michael. Julie made me feel like a man... and you...
      Ann. OK... OK...
      I see... and I didn"t. This is why you decided to marry her?
      Michael. I"ve already said. I"m marrying Julie because of the child.
      Julie is pregnant and I"m the father of her child. The child needs a family.
      Ann. Why didn"t one of you use protection?
      Michael. She told me she was safe.
      Ann. Julie is four years older than me. She once told me she wanted a child some day but she could never get pregnant... with anybody.
      Michael (Proudly). And it happened with me! On the first night!
      Ann.You know she tricked you.
      Michael. So...
      Ann. And now you use condoms?
      Michael. Now... always.
      Ann. We drifted apart.
      Michael: I didn"t dare "seize the moment".
      Ann: I was always afraid of getting
      Michael. Well, why not use birth control
      Ann. They can fail.
      Ann: Michael, it could have been us. Remember that rainy day?
      Michael (excited voice). Yes, of course! ... a short down pour ... afterwards we were soaked thru ...
      Ann. We laughed so much... without knowing why... it felt good...
      Michael. You wore a white dress with pink flowers...
      Ann. It was sopping wet. I took it off. We twisted it from both ends. Like a piece of taffy?
      Michael. It was still wet but you went and put it on with nothing under.
      Ann. You said that it wasn"t proper to walk out in the park like that... it would be too provocative.
      Michael. That dress was completely transparent. Your tummy, belly button, breasts...
      Ann. You didn"t look so proper either without pants just wet underwear.
      Michael. I was excited...
      Ann. You excited me... (With disappointment)... but nothing happened.
      Michael. You wanted...?
      Ann. Yes.
      Michael. Why didn"t you say something?
      Anna. I took your hand and pressed it on my cheek.
      Ann takes Michael"s palm and presses it to her cheek
      Michael. Oh...
      Ann. What else could I have done?
      Michael.Press up against me.
      Ann. Why didn"t you hug me? Michael, I"m sorry nothing more happened between us that day.
      Michael. Me too ... I was afraid...
      Ann. Why? You"re a man! What were you afraid of?
      Michael. I didn"t know how to go about it... It would have been my first ... now if you had helped me that day everything might have been different.
      Ann. Wait!
      Ann skips out to another room. She returns holding the thin white summer dress with pink flowers. She throws it into the sink making it all wet.
      Ann (starts to wring the dress out). Michael, help me.
      Ann hands the other end of the dress to Michael and they start to twist the dress dry.
      Ann. Careful it might tear.
      Ann holds the damp dress in front of her.
      Michael. It"s the same dress!
      Ann. Should I put it on?
      Michael. Yes... yes... no. Not now... it"s... already late.
      Ann (disappointed). Late? What do you mean?
      Michael. I have... you want me to stay?
      Michael (continues). Ann, tomorrow I go to Julie... We decided to live together... I came to say I"m sorry... I...
      Ann (sadly). Really so sorry? Some things you don"t understand and never will. Like peoples feelings... just as you never understood me.
      Michael. And how else should I say: "I"m sorry"?
      Ann. I don"t know... It"s not a humane way, when a person is suddenly just abandoned...
      Michael. Ann, you are not abandoned. We"re such close friends.
      Ann (crying). Were! Were close friends!
      Michael. And now?
      Ann. Now? Dumped... just like that...
      Michael. No matter what, I want to stay your friend.
      Ann. Why?
      Michael. Ann I need you... Tonight... I told you about Julie before anybody else... You have always been closest to me...
      Ann (still crying). Don"t say anything else! Go! Go! Stop upsetting me!
      Michael. I won"t go. I want to be with you. It"s our last night, our last chance... we can forgive in a humane way...
      Ann. Go! ... You want a humane way....
      Ann crying grabs the white dress and wants to beat Michael with it. Michael manages to grab Ann"s arms and at the same time tie her arms up with the dress. Then with his arms around her he presses against and hugs her.
      Michael. Dear... dearest, cherished...calm...calm... Forgive me... maybe I am lost... help me, I don"t understand, what I need. I don"t know who I need, what is happening to me? I just know that today we are together... I like I want never to forget...please calm down... nothing to say... let me hold you... tightly ... there now... good girl... so wise... O God how long I wanted you... you surely too? Say something... you... OK? You don"t" want to talk... just kiss me... Ann, I love you!
      The dress slips off Ann"s arms. She hugs Michael, and presses him to her, kisses him.
      Lights on the scene change back to present.
      Michael enters the bar. He is in jogging clothes. He orders a coke. Ann leaves her table and unnoticed by Michael, Ann slips out of the bar into the street.
      SCENE IV
      Some days have passed. A room in Michael and Julie"s home. Julie calls Ann.
      Ann. Hello?
      Julie. You never talked with Michael.
      Ann. Julie, I tried but...
      Julie. You couldn"t have tried very hard... Michael"s not talking to me...
      Ann (shocked). Julie! Well, if you want to stay with him it all depends on you... Discuss everything. Remember that symbolic barrier I talked about? Give it your all, sprint and leap high, as high as you can...
      Julie. Your damn barriers... Oh... g"bye... Michael is coming...
      Julie closes the telephone. Enter Michael.
      Michael. Let"s talk...
      Julie. Ok, talk....sit
      Michael. I have decided that I need to live alone for awhile. If we think quietly alone maybe we can come to some agreement.
      Julie (starts to cry). Where... Where will you live?
      Michael. My parents.
      Julie. The kids... how can you explain...
      Michael. I"ll call them now... We can tell them together...
      Julie. Wait! This is so important! Give me some time... We need to talk more...
       (uncertainly). I knew that you'll come today.
      Michael. Why?
      Julia. I saw you in my dream last night. You were going along a beach swinging your arms, and I was sneaking along behind you. It was so funny.
      Michael. So I"m on a beach, what"s funny?
      Julie (becoming enthusiastic). I'm not done. A friend of mine starts following you swinging his arms just like you: he is making fun of you... And I follow both of you... I hide when you look round. You seem to be looking for me and don"t pay any attention to my friend.
      Michael. What"s his name... your friend?
      Julie. You don"t know him well. You"ve met him at our office parties.
      Michael. But I know him?
      Julie There were lots of people there: you didn"t pay much attention to him.
      Michael. You probably told me about him...
      Julie: I might not have told you much about him.
      Michael (with interest). Why?
      Julie. It"s not important now. You"ve decided on a separation.
      Michael. Do you think that I don"t still care? After eight years!
      Julie. Eight years and seven months. Anyway, I haven"t seen him in ages.
      Michael. When did you see him last?
      Julie. About two years ago. He changed jobs.
      Michael (sarcastically). So, "out of sight, out of mind". And what kind of relationship did you have?
      Julie. What kind of relationship can there be between man and woman?
      Michael. It means... Do you want to say... You cheated on me!
      Julie. Yes.
      Michael. Why didn"t you divorce me? Maybe he didn"t want to marry you?
      Julie. When we fell for each other, he was married too...
      Michael. Huh... did you stop seeing each other when he got a new job?
      Julie. At first we met often, but then... He had to drive across the whole city. You know the traffic jams...
      Michael. Traffic jams! You blame your split on traffic jams? Couldn"t you make up anything more interesting? Say, a plane crash: your lover dies falling down from a huge height, or you are attacked by thugs, he defends you but is stabbed in the back, bleeding badly...
      Julie. Michael, stop joking!
      Michael. Who"s fooling who? Your lover moves to the other end of the city, and then - end of love! I might understand you if it was a real passion... but I don"t know what to call this... lust. Some nonsense! Stupidity! Maybe you are lying.
      Julie: It was not stupidity. It was love... He was extraordinary, very considerate...
      Michael. Traffic jams and ends of love! Don"t you feel ashamed to tell me, your husband, all this? After eight years together...
       Julie. Eight years and seven months.
      Michael. Give me his phone number.
      Julie. I don"t have it.
      Michael: Then - his last name. Well, come on!
      Julie: No.
      Michael: You didn"t have anybody or any kind of relationship...Nobody hankered after you, it"s just your sick imagination: love, infidelity, traffic jams - just another lie. It"s good we are separating. Our whole life together has been wrong.
      Julie. And the children? Michael, why did you marry me?
      Michael. Your pregnancy. I had to marry you... (Pause) Now... I can"t stay here... Good-bye!
      Michael starts to leave. Julie runs after him.
      Julie. Michael! Wait! Stop! I did tell you a lie!
      Michael (stops at the door). More lies!
      Julie. Listen... I had a love affair and it ended when he... died in a car crash. He was hurrying to see me when he passed a bus and hit another car...
      Michael. Passed a bus? ... Passed a... When did it happen?
      Julie. Two years ago.
      Michael. Two years... Peter? ... My best friend? Ann"s husband?
      Julie. Yes ... Peter.
      Michael. I introduced you to Peter! I wanted you to see what a wonderful friend I had.
      Julie. He was really a wonderful...
      Michael. You"re going to say "lover"? I can"t believe... it can"t be true. If there had been something between you, I certainly would have noticed.
      Julie. You and Peter didn"t meet so often back then... He was afraid that you would suspect us.
      Michael (distressed). I respected him so much: joyful, full of life, and then such a tragic... We"d been friends as kids: at school, at college... he had always rescued me... We used to read each other well, so quick on the uptake... How come I didn"t notice anything?
      Michael stares silently with confused interest at Julie.
      Julie. Why are looking at me like that?
      Michael. Julie, what did he see in you?
       Michael. I don"t ... Peter was such a wonderful person... May be Ann know about you...
       What now...
      Julie. Michael, you came to talk about separation...
      Michael.Julie, how...
      Michael grabs Julie by the shoulders. Shaking her violently.
      How could you? I"m sitting home with the kids thinking you are at your cousins and you are... seeing Peter... Ann is your best friend!
      Julie. Let me go! I can"t breath!
      Julie manages to push Michael away.
       Michael. It would have been easier for me if I hadn"t known... I feel sick...
       Julie. Michael...
      Julie stops to take a deep breath, now menacingly.
      Do you understand in a divorce, I"ll end up with the children, ... and the house. I even have mother to help me. You will end up working day and night to pay alimony and child support. You"ll even have to skip some of those "Sunday visits" with the kids because working on Sunday so you can earn double time.
      Michael (He has slowly withered. But keeping from breaking down says to himself).
      ... Slow down...careful... Get a hold...
      Pause. Michail is looking at Julie intensively and with curious.
      What did Peter find in you?
      Julie. Guess yourself...
      Michael. I have to think!
      Michael exits. Julie flops into a sofa, and starts to light a cigarette. Then she quickly stubs out the cigarette and starts to cry, she continues to cry her face covered with her hands.
      SCENE V
      Flash back
      Julie sits alone in the "Time Out" bar. Peter enters. He goes to the bar and orders a martini. As he waits he surveys the room spotting Julie. He goes over to her.
       Peter. Julie! What a surprise!
      Julie. Hello Peter. Your drink is ready...
      Peter retrieves his martini and returns
       Peter. You alone? Can I join you?
      Julie. Please.
      Peter. You"re expecting someone?
      Julie. Nope.
      Peter. Isn"t this where you and Ann meet?
      Julie. Ann just called. A patient had an emergency.
      Peter. How are you?
      Julie. I"m fine, thanks. And you?
      Peter. Yes... unfortunately... How"re the kids? Michael?
      Julie.... We"re all fine!
      Peter. Nicole is just two years old ... You have two children and I"m jealous... Ann and I ... none.
      Julie. I try not to talk about that topic with Ann. What"s up?
      Peter. During residency Ann didn"t want a baby, and then when she started regular hours we decided to try, but no success so far.
      Julie. Have you gone as far as having fertility tests?
      Peter. Those tests take time. Ann is always busy and I"m looking for work.
      Julie. How"s it going?
      Peter. I just had my third interview across the street in the Wells building. They offered me good money...
      Julie. Great! But you don"t seem pleased.
      Peter. The position is in Maine.
      Julie. Doctors can get a good job anywhere. You both could move there.
      Peter. Ann won"t. Last night we talked the whole evening. She is working and learning with people who are famous in their field...
      Julie. So, she loves her work.
      Peter. Unfortunately she loves her work more than me.
      Julie. I"m sorry...
      Peter. Let"s set anther drink and talk about something else.
      Julie. Let"s...
      Peter. What would you like?
      Julie. Smirnoff martini... like always...
      Peter. I might as will get another for me...
      Peter leaves. Julie lipstick and powders her face. Peter return
      Julie. Cigarette?
      Peter. I will thanks. So many places you can"t smoke now.
      Julie. Lighter! ...
      Peter lights up. Hands lighter back. They just smoke and drink quietly so some time.
      Julie."... penny for your thoughts."
      Peter. Julie, you come across just the same.
      Julie. How?
      Peter. Very sexy.
      Julie (laughs). Oh! I suppose.
       Peter. But you have changed within that... different expression in your eyes... voice different, laugh different, more frank, inviting... You became a real woman...
      Julie. Nothing"s new. You just never paid much attention to me... How are things otherwise? You and Ann?
      Peter. You know what it"s like ... Ann is smart, intellectual, very ambitious, a good doctor... We simply are different... Ann would rather read than talk with me... I like to watch sports... We have two TV"s ... evenings we go to separate rooms... when we lay down to sleep I stretch my arm to touch Ann... my hand finds nothing... and from the darkness I hear" "I"m tired." How are you and Mike?
      Julie. With us it"s not so simple... He"d rather spend time with the kids than with me. On Sundays he takes Tommi to little league, while I stay home with the little Nicole.
      Peter. Can I ask you a question?
      Julie. What?
      Peter. What if Michael got work in another city? Would you go with him?
      Julie. Of course! We are all one family. I think it"s strange that Ann doesn"t want to move with you.
      Peter. Strange to me, too! ... Cheers!
      They drink. Peter finishes his.
      Peter. I"m going to order another. You"re OK?
      Peter waves to the bartender
      Julie. You need this drinking?
      Peter. Who doesn"t? Gin is my friend. It helps me relax.
      Julie. You"re upset?
      Peter. I just now felt a pang of stress as I just thought of Ann and our words last night. Do you know how stress affects men?
      Julie. How?
      Peter. Their sperm count goes down! Not to talk about risk of heart attack.
      Julie. Really?
      Peter. Absolutely correct! I read it a couple of weeks ago in an article in a science magazine.
      Julie. So if Michael"s sperm count is low it"s certainly enough for me.
      Peter. Now consider sperm activity... The alcohol decreases sperm activity... There are more dangers that women should protect their men from.
      Julie. Do you need looking after?
      Peter. Men die earlier than women. Men seem more susceptible to stress than women. Change stresses them out more than women... One of the biggest changes for men now-a-days is that every woman is a feminist. For example, I never know whether to help a woman with her coat or to offer her a seat... worse... my opinion on ... anything... can unexpectedly offend her.
      Julie. I"m not a feminist! Back to the article... I see you are not afraid of strong drink ...
      Peter. You are not afraid of strong drink either. How many martini"s do you usually drink with Ann?
      Julie. Oh, just one.
      Peter. How often do you meet with Ann?
      Julie. Maybe once every two weeks... if nothing is urgent.
      Peter. And Michael ... could Michael be meeting with Ann?
      Julie. No way! He works two jobs... why do you ask?
      Peter. It"s just that, Ann often comes home so late...
      Julie: Nice to see you! Let"s drink to our meeting...
      They toast.
      You help me relax. If you don"t move to another state maybe we can meet again?
      Peter. Why not? I enjoy talking with you. Do you think Michael would be against our meeting?
      Julie (laughs). We don"t have to ask him. And Ann?
      Peter. I just decided to get home later than Ann tonight.
      Julie. Won"t she be upset?
      Peter. Why? We are old friends... Remember the first time?
      Julie. Of course. I danced with Michael the whole evening... It was so wonderful.
      Peter: I remember I wanted to dance with you, but you and Michael were too enraptured...
      Julie laughs
      Peter (continues). Julie you are a puzzling woman...Your laugh is like the mermaids...
      Julie. Have you heard mermaids" mysterious laughter?
      Peter. I can guess... Julie! I know a good restaurant not far... Let"s move on to there for a bite to eat...
      Julie. Now?
      Peter. Seize the moment!
      Julie. I can"t... I promised my mother I wouldn"t be long...
      Peter. I know the restaurant where we could dance. Finally I can have that dance...
      Julie. No, Peter... Better another time... I can"t...
      Peter. Julie, if you"ll go, I can tell you something about Michail...
      Julie. Interesting?
      Peter. I promise you that it"s interesting.
      Julie. All right, you"ve got me curious! What can I say to my mother?
      Peter. Just don"t say you met me.
       Julie gets out cell phone and dials. Peter lays money on the table.
      Julie. Ma, I met an old friend here... No you didn't guess. I"ll be home later... I don"t know just when... It"s not so often I ask you for such a favor... You know how to feed Nicole ... No, not late I said... Thanks ... Bye now.
       Julie snaps cell shut, smiles to Peter, and they leave the bar together.
      Scene VI
      A room in Julie"s home. Julie lies dozing on a couch crying. Her mother comes into the room. Julie dries her eyes.
       Ma: Julie, move over!
      Julie puts feet on the floor and sits up. Her mother sits beside her.
      Julie: Ma?
      Ma: We have to talk.
      Julie: Oh? We have talked and talked...
      Ma: But not much about you and me. Julie, I want to help you ... I know you are not happy...
      Julie: You... help me? You were yourself never awfully happy. All life alone... Divorced with your husband...
      Ma; Yes, we divorced when you were about five.
      Julie: Why?
      Ma: Your father lied and drank too much.
      Julie. Why did you and dad lave me without any sisters or brothers...
      Mother: And you think if they existed, would you have loved them?
      Julia: Of course, everyone loves their close relatives. They might have helped.
      Ma: You are not even that close with your stepsister.
      Julie: She is not a close relative.
      Ma: You know Julie... I am living with you, but we are not too close... I really love you... It seems to me you don't love me...
      Julie: You gave me no space. Remember how you hounded me with my homework. You used to sit close and didn't let me play with the girls. I had no close girl friends.
      Ma: Do you remember why I wanted you to get good marks?
      Julie: You wanted me to be a doctor or a lawyer.
      Ma.No, goals were different then! I wanted you to go to college and marry a doctor or a lawyer.
      Julie. I married a future doctor.
      Ma. But Michael didn't become a doctor.
      Julie. Now we both work and make almost enough money.
      Ma. You don"t make enough. You can"t give the children what they want and need.
      Julie. Did you give me much of what I wanted?
      Ma. Remember the time we went to the museum? It was so cold, and you lost your mittens.Julie. I didn't like to go to museums and you always dragged me there.
      Ma. You started crying when we sat in the train. You were so unhappy sitting there with your small cold hands. I tried to warm them. I held them, rubbed them and blew on them. Remember?
      Julie. I cried because I asked for ice cream and you bought awful an candy. I spat it out. I couldn"t eat it.
      Ma. Remember, why didn"t I buy you ice cream?
      Julie, Why?
      Ma. Because you had a sore throat.
      Julie. Come off it! My sore throat was not bad...
      Ma. You"re talking like a child! But I remember you stopped crying as soon as my holding made your hands were warm and you smiled at me.
      Julie. I don"t remember.
      Ma. Julie, I owe you an apology.
      Julie. Why?
      Ma. I was very young when I married your father... your father liked to drink at night. He worked very hard in his factory. He needed to relax. We got to drink together.
      Julie: So? What's wrong drink together?
      Ma: When I became pregnant I stopped drinking, and your father started drinking with "the boys". He started coming home late. I wanted him to cut it out. I needed him home earlier. He didn"t listen to me. I was beside myself. He just did as he pleased. It was the terrible time for me. I was angry and unhappy when I was pregnant.
      Julie. Yes?
      Ma. You were not a happy child. I was afraid that my frame of mind had affected you, and that was why you were such an unhappy child. I visited to several psychologists.
      Julie. Did they help?
      Ma. They mostly said that you needed more love and tenderness.
      Ma. I"m thinking... you were the only child with no brothers nor sisters, you needed more close persons and friends... I would like to help you...
       Julie...you know... It"s not too late for you to break the cycle... And are your relationships with Michael better.
      Julie. Ma, is that what you really think?
      Ma. I"m sure... try to be tender... gentle with him... I know you"ll get all you want... in this way... Take more care about your children... Michael, Anna, they think you're selfish care only about yourself... And I know you need some love and affection...
      Julia. You're right... I want to have a child... May be because I was alone in my childhood But Michael doesn't want to...
      Mother. But you don't know Michael... You should know that each person has their own truth. You own -- and Michael's -- his.. Try to understand him. You lived up to forty years and still cannot understand one simple truth... You have to understand, that affection and kindness can achieve great things ...
      Julia. I have always thought that it is necessary to struggle to achieve happiness in all ways... Do you really think so? How could I change?
      Mother: It's hard... Try to start with me... Be gentle and kind... Imagine you're on the stage... When you were a little girl we played different scenes... You were a doctor, I was your patient.
      Julia. Do you want to try it now?
      Mother. Try it now... It'll take five minutes...
      Julia. Mama, move to me... closer...
      Mother moves close to Julia. Julia tries to be affectionate.
      Julia. Show me how you warmed my hands...
      Mother. I rubbed them gently and then held them in my warm hands.
      Julie. Give me your hands...
      Mother. Why?
      Julie. I'll warm them.
      Julia takes hands of the mother in hers, rubs them gently, stroking, warming. Mother kisses Julia.
      Scene VII
      The following evening of the same day. Ann"s room.
      Michael knocks. Ann opens the door. He looks very depressed and a little unsteady.
      Ann. Michael? What"s the matter?
      Michael. I came to say good-bye...
      Ann (anxiously). Good-bye? You moving?
      Michael (resolutely). In some sense...
      Ann. Where?
      Michael. Ann, I"m in the bad shape... I don"t trust myself ...
      Ann, attentively watches Michael.
      Ann. Michael, what"s going on? You"ve been drinking?
      Michael. Just a couple beers... so what?
      Ann. Why? You didn"t drink in college.
      Michael. Back then my life was simple, just sports, and homework... But now...
      Ann. Alcohol helps you?
      Michael. It doesn"t help me now. There is so much you don"t know...
      Ann. What don"t I know? Did you quarrel with Julie?
      Michael. Quarrel? This is a separation... divorce. Julie told me she cheated on me.
      Ann. With... whom?
      Michael. With Peter.
      Ann. My Peter? ... Michael, tell me ...
      Michael. When I went to Julie, to discuss separating, she told me, that she had a long romance with Peter. It ended when Peter died in that accident. Did you know about their relations?
      Ann I never suspected...
      Michael. Peter was your husband. You must have had some notion... some hunch...
      Ann. None! I think Julie made it all up!
      Michael. Why?
      Ann. I don"t know exactly... maybe to keep you... you so admired Peter!
      Michael. Now I can"t decide if she is lying or not.
      Ann. I don"t think anything happened ... When Peter and I were first married we used to argue about my working late.
      Michael. Why?
      Ann: He was jealous. He thought I was spending time with somebody else, but then...
      Michael. Then?
      Ann. Every thing seemed OK when I started calling him if I would be late. Then he would go to a bar, watch TV, and spend the evening with his friends.
      Michael. Are you sure he spent the evening at the bar?
      Ann. Back then... of course what else?
      Michael. He could have been with Julie!
      Ann. Doubt it. He often came home very drunk. Too looped to drive. I asked him not to drive. To even walk to the bar, but he didn"t listen to me. The police said he was completely drunk when he was in the accident. I still can"t forgive myself that I didn"t try harder to help him stop drinking.
      Michael. Yes, he loved his beer... Ann, it looks like Julie cheated on me with Peter...
      With bitterness and despair
      Now it"s possible about the children... some of them anyway... I love the children so much... how can I be separate from them? I see no way out...
      Ann.There has to be a way...
      Pause. Carefully
      Michael, you were also unfaithful to Julie... remember?
      Michael. The night you and I spent together?
      Ann. Yes... Michael.
      Michael. But that was different!
      Ann (slyly smiling). Like, why was that different? I was a good friend of Julie"s... and we had together pleasant night...
       Long pause.
      Michael. You still think about that night?
      Ann. Of course!
      Michael.Yes I often think about that night!
      Ann. You love children, but I... can"t get pregnant... May be it"s better...
      Michael. You always didn"t want to have children!
      Ann. Firstly I didn"t, and now I can"t
      Michael. Ann, why do you suppose we didn"t work it out then? I still miss you...
      Ann. I hope you haven"t told anybody about us?
      Michael. Nobody... Ann, when I got home Julie was on the phone. Was she talking to you?
      Ann. Uh, huh.
      Michael. What were you talking about?
      Ann. You. She complained that you were not speaking to her and that you refused sex. She was afraid that you might really divorce her...
      Michael. I want to live some time separate... and may be then to divorce. I"ve had enough... but after talking with Julie I realize; I can"t leave the kids... I"ve decided that there is only one way out of this....
      Ann. Julie is unhappy. She would like to be happy...
      Michael (interrupting her). I"d like to be happy too. What is happiness? Julia doesn"t know a simple truth; there are no happy lives, only happy moments...
      Ann. You have to understand her and forgive... you yourself have to be happier...
      Michael. She just thinks about herself. She doesn"t show me any love... not even any attention, she doesn"t seem to love the children, and yet all the time she complains that she doesn"t feel truly loved.
      Ann. Michael, if the man is happy his woman will be happy too...
      Michael. How could I be happy, if every moment I afraid to loose my
      work? All my family have my insurance... It"s a crisis... now...
      Michael. Remember? In college I wanted to be a pediatrician? I always loved kids. I had to quit college and start working to support... the family. I have to give my children good education... "Poor education leads to poor health". And, what"s happening? I didn't graduate from College and become a doctor. The kids are not learning anything at school. Julie doesn"t help them...
      Ann. But in spite of this, I think you must lead...
      Michael. How could I? I couldn"t lead, when I was with you...
      Michael"s cell phone rings
      Voice of Tom. Papa where are you?
      Michael (Pause). I"m at work.
      Voice of Tom. Papa, I have to add five and eight. How do you do that?
      Michael. Tommy, take eight pencils and lay them on the table with five pencils, then count how many pencils all together.
      Voice of Tom: I don"t have enough pencils.
      Michael. How many do you have?
      Voice of Tom. One, two, three, four, five, six... Six pencils Papa.
      Michael. OK. Put only five pencils on the table, and then put one hand with all your five fingers out on the table and with your other hand put just three fingers on the table. Then count eight fingers and five pencils for the answer.
      Voice of Tom. Papa? Which finger do I use to count?
      Michael (giving up). Tommy, use the calculator...
      Voice of Tom. But you always were against using the calculator...
      Michael. To day you can...
      Voice of Tom. Papa we can"t do anything, and Mama can"t either. She just cries all the time. Papa what"s happening?
      Michael. Tommy nothing"s happening. I"m just at work.
      Voice of Tom. Papa, when will you come home?
      Michael. I"ll be home after work. My boss is coming. Good-bye, Tommy...
      Voice of Tom. Good-bye Papa. Come soon. Hurry...
      Michael. Good-bye... good-by, Tommy!
      Michael (distressed). I lied to Tommy!
      Ann. Turn your phone off. That way you won"t lie anymore today.
      Michael (switching cell off). I lied Tommy. The first time...
      Ann (grabs Michaels hand). Michael, let"s find a psychologist. You need to talk.
      Michael. But, Ann, you"re a doctor.
      Ann. I"m a doctor but you"d better find another... one.
      Michael. I came to you... and you helped me... Now I know that Julie and me even.
      Ann, its late. I have to go...
       Ann. Michael, if you have no place to go you could stay here.
      Michael. I reserved a hotel room for tonight.
      Ann. And tomorrow?
      Michael. Tomorrow I'll go to the hospital.
      Ann. Hospital? Why?
      Michael. For an operation.
      Ann. Operation?
      Michael. Sterilization is the only way out.
      Ann (distressed). You"re getting... a vasectomy?
      Michael. I"m cornered... I have to do something...
      Ann. Why vasectomy?
      Michael. It"s my body. I am finally making some decisions. I"m not going to have any more children with anybody, I can't separate with Julie... but I want sex...
      Ann. Michael, think some more, don"t do this... I'm asking you...
      Michael. I haven"t told anybody about my decision, you are the first one.
      Ann. Julie will be against your operation.
      Michail. I know...
      Ann. Michael, you know what I"m mostly sorry about?
      Michael. What?
      Ann. That you used a condom that time, when we were together...
      Michael. We agreed on that, remember... It was your condition... Ann, I have to go... Forgive me... Good bye...
      Ann. Michael, I've forgiven you a long time ago. Good bye, Michael...
      Ann moves closer to Michael. He stands rooted. Ann in her most enticing way hugs Michael. Michael is visibly distressed and torn. He finally pushes Ann away.
      Michael: I have to go!
      Michael exits. Ann breaks down crying. There is another knock on the door..Ann dries her eyes collects herself and opens the door. Julie enters.
      Julie. Ann... you look terrible... Is Michael here? He"s not answering his phone...
      Ann. Just left...
      Julie. Where did he go?
      Ann. He said he was going to a hotel.
      Julie. What hotel?
      Ann. Didn"t say...
      Julie. Ann, I"m really afraid. The kids are all asking for Michael. They"re all crying. Mom can"t help either... I just have to find him to explain... He"s all broken up he could do anything...
      Ann. I don"t understand why you suddenly brought in Peter.
      Julie. To make Michael look at me differently... He admired Peter. He had to stop and think... what his best friend might have seen in me... he might respect me more... besides...
      Ann (angrily). Couldn't you find anything better to say? After all these years you have to make up an affair with my dead husband!
      Julie. I didn"t make it up! (Pause). Do you think you can sleep with my husband ... and I can"t sleep with yours?
      Ann. M... Michael told you?
      Julie. Peter...
      Ann. Peter!
      Julie. Peter and I just happened to meet in our "Time Out" cafe. We had a drink and Peter invited me to a restaurant. We had a good time together ... Then we had a few meetings...
      Ann. I...I never suspected.... I can"t imagine... Julie, how could you?
      Julie (quietly). Ann, that was long ago... happened long... Only two or tree meetings... Let us think about today ... about reality.
      Ann (angry and distressed). You want reality... Fine! ... Tomorrow Michael is getting a vasectomy.
      Julie (aghast). Vasectomy! Oh my God!
      Ann. Didn't he tell you? You drove him to it! It"s your fault...
      Julie (in despair). My fault! Yes maybe... My fault...
       Ann. You are against Michael"s operation? ... Aren"t you?
      Julie. Of course!
      Ann. Julie, we don"t have much time. We have to find Michael... you have to talk to him.
      Julie (settling down). How can we find him?
      Ann. Let"s think... Maybe we can call some hotels...
      Julie. If we find him, what then?
       Ann. You will talk to him... stop him...
      Julie. I don"t know what to say.
      Ann. Just say what ever comes to mind... Ask forgiveness, promise something... I don"t know...
      Julie. Ann, are you against Michael"s operation too? Aren"t you?
      Ann. What do you mean by that?
      Julie (ingratiating). Help me change his mind... Let's find his hotel...
Julia and Ann are looking for addresses of different hotels.
       Michael runs in, worried.
      Michael. I called home... Tommy didn't answer...
      Michael sees Julie.
       Julie, you are here...
      Julie. Michael! We were worried about you...
      Michael. Tommy has disappeared! And you are worrying about me!
      Julie. Michael, forgive me...
      Michael. Nobody knows where he is! Nicole is crying... She is afraid to be alone... your mother just got back from Bingo...
      Julia. Michael, forgive me...
      Ann. Michael, maybe we all to for look for Tommy?
      Michael (cutting Ann short). I called the police. Then I had to go down to the station and give them Tommy"s dirty baseball cap for their dogs to trace his smell... Lots of papers to sign... I told them his height, weight, and what he usually wears ... sneakers, jeans, and the Red Sox jacket. Julie, am I. right?
      Julie. I think so... Michael, listen to me...
      Michael. I"ll never forgive myself if something happens to him. I lied to him. I said I"d be home after work. Where should we look? Where could he be?
      Julie. Michael, listen to me...
      Michael (shouts). Julie, quiet. I can"t listen to you when Tommy is wandering the streets... alone...
      Julie. Michael, it"s my fault too. I know I haven"t been very understand what I ....
      Michael. Julie, stop it, please... Later! Later! Not now! I"m not in the mood for... speaking to you...
      Julie. Ann, have you a bottle of martini?
      Ann. Yes, of course. Wait... Wait...
      Ann brings the bottle of martini and three glasses. She fills the glasses with martini and all drink in silence.
       Michael"s cell rings.
      Michael. Hello? ... Officer?
      Ann. Police? ... What.... with Tommy?
      Michael.... Y...yes, my son is Tommy!
      Julia. What"s happened?
      Michael. Oh! Thank God he"s OK. Thank you for calling... Here? ...Yes, my wife is here too. Yes...Yes we"ll explain... Can I talk to him, please?
      Michael. Hello? Hello! Tommy! Where are you?
      Voice of Tom. I"m in a police car. There is a nice doggie too. We are coming to where your phone is.
      Michael. Where were you?
      Voice of Tom. I went to your work.
      Michael. Why?
      Voice of Tom. Your phone was off. I wanted you to come home... today.
      Michael. Today!? Why?
      Voice of Tom. Papa you all forgot.
      Michael. Forgot? Forgot what?
      Voice of Tom. Today is my Birthday! Mama forgot too...
      Michael. O! Tommy, forgive me.
      Voice of Tom. Papa can you give me a little doggie for my birthday?
      Michael. Tommy. I"m so happy, so happy we"ve found you... of course...
      Covering the phone
       What do you think, Julie? Can he get a dog? Will you help him take care of a dog?
      Julie (takes the phone). Tommy, Tommy. Do you really want a puppy? ... Will you promise to take care of him?
      Voice of Tommy. Will you help me?
      Julie. Of course, you can have a dog for your Birthday... Of course, I"ll help you...
      Ann (starts singing). "Happy Birthday" our little Tommy...
      Michael (joins in singing). "Happy birthday, lovely Tommy"...
      Julia (joins all together singing). "Happy Birthday, dear Tommy! Happy Birthday to you"
      Voice of Tommy. Thank you mom, and dad, and Aunt Ann... I love you all...
      All are singing "Happy Birthday", we hear the happy giggle of Tommy on the phone.
       Julie goes to Michael, and hugs him. Michael smiles and accepts her hug. Ann hugs Julie. All end up hugging and nodding their heads.... At this moment they all are happy... but each understands the challenge ahead.
      The End

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