Слободкина Ольга
If I were to die now

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  • © Copyright Слободкина Ольга (olga_slobodkina@mail.ru)
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  • Стихотворение: Поэзия

  • If I were to die now
       I'd die totally unfulfilled...
    All this fire inside
      that's always been rushing out,
    but never found a perfect resolution,
      an absolute incarnation...
    What was it for then?
    A rhetorical question...
    When I listen to Des'ree singing
     "I'm kissing you"
        in Romeo+Juliet 1996
    I cry inside together with her "heaving heart",
      which is "full of pain",
        but some of her other songs - no.
    They're not worth living the life of a singer.
    The same with Elton John -
     "It ain't gonna be easy from now on"
    is cool.
      The rest of his album "A single man"
    is not.
    I've written some great poems,
      done some very good translations
    and made some stunning pictures...
    But that is not enough...
    I still want more,
     much more -
    the way I did 
      when I was in my twenties...
    Feb. 12, 2023

  • © Copyright Слободкина Ольга (olga_slobodkina@mail.ru)
  • Обновлено: 27/02/2023. 1k. Статистика.
  • Стихотворение: Поэзия

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