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The 7th International Art Festival in South Korea

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  •   The 7th Geoje International Art Festival in South Korea
       Today is September 1 - a great day for all the school children and students, especailly for those who go to school and university for the first time.
       However, this is a great day for me and all the other artists from 63 countries of the world who have been selected by a highly professional jury from all over the world to participate in the 7th Geoje International Art Festival in South Korea.
       Yes, today, on September 1, 2021, is the first day of the first exhibition, which will last until October 25 and our works will stay in the permanent display at the Haegeumgang Theme Museum on Geoje island in South Korea. Then the works of the 14 jurors and 30 selected artists will be displayed in different museums, galleries and cities in Korea. Sample will end in Seoul at ST International Headquarters and SongEon Art Center.
      This year, 282 artists from 63 countries participate, an unprecedented number for the previous Festivals.
      So many happy posts, a sea of thanks and virtual presents at facebook have been flooding our pages during the months of the preparation for the Festival and strict selection of artists. Our works have gone through professional screening of 17 International judges to be selected for the Festival.
      And, of course, we, artists, are maybe much more excited than children and students going to school for the first time. Indeed, we had butterflies in the stomach when we saw our works and faces in the 6 part videos created by the curators of the Museum. We are anticipating to see the final edited artist video.
      My works are in part 5 (1.19-1.27)!!!Thank you, Festival, and all those who made this dream come true!!!
      A superb catalogue has been published already and The Festival, which is just beginning, has got a lot of important press and has been recognized the largest in the whole of Korea and maybe in the whole of South-East Asia.
      Partial catalogue appeared at fb even before:
      But who are the main figures behind the great Event? Who has conceived and put through the idea of such a Festival? It is Mr Cheon Eob YU, the creator, director and CEO of the Haegeumgang Theme Museum on Geoje island, Mr Yoon Inseob, the director of the Museum curators, and Ms Elsa Victorios, International Artist and gallery owner in Fort Lauderdale, USA, is the President of the Jury.
      Here is the greeting of Ms Elsa Victorios for the Festival, its participants and organizers:
      Greetings to all
      Today on the first of September the doors of our Haegeumgan Theme Museum open to the world with the name - "PEACE AGAIN"
      We: General Director and founder of the museum, Cheon Eob YU, Curators, judges, personalities of the government of the city of Geoje, presidents from different councils of culture and art and I as president of the jury and international director of art, we are all very happy to be able to embrace and celebrate all the artists of the world who were accepted and invited to participate in this wonderful International Art Festival. We are all participants and protagonists of this wonderful story that we have had as an experience.
      Our 7th International Art Festival will always be remembered for being the largest in Korea.
      The museum, a marvelous architecture between Greek and French, has dressed up for the presentation of this exhibition that will be held on September 5.
      As general director of the International Art and president of the jury, I am honored to express my emotions of gratitude, congratulate all who have done a wonderful job! But mainly to our director Cheon Eob YU who has worked with all of his efforts to present to the world the culture of art in honor of Peace Again.
      And here again I want to introduce myself:
       I am Elsa Victorios from Colombia and USA, president of the jury at the Seventh International Art Festival in Geoje, Haegeumgang Theme Museum.
       It has been a wonderful experience for me, as an artist, curator, director and owner of an art gallery.
       The CEO and founder of the museum, Cheon Eob YU invited me to be president of the jury.
       It was a decision that I had to accept immediately. We had to prepare to do a joint work strategy with the curators, members of the jury and artists.
       My most vulnerable point was to attract the attention of artists with a high professional and international level.
       When artists are famous and at the peak of their careers, it is difficult to convince them to participate in an art festival.
       But our museum had a very beautiful cause, to move the world with art so that it would have peace.
       This is how this festival was called - "PEACE AGAIN".
       This is where my journey for our 7th festival began.
       Find renowned artists to support us in this great challenge for PEACE.
       I connected with the press, writers and journalists.
       They helped me make the call to the artists.
       I always say: "The stars are raining from the sky!" when good things come to me.
       Artists are our protagonists in this beautiful story of PEACE for the world.
       Little by little they began to contact the museum and me!
       I felt that I found treasures at the bottom of the sea.
       Art is a fascinating world where our mind plays with feelings.
       We speak the same language, we do not look at religions, races or social classes.
       Artists are a close family.
       We feed on love and peace.
       We are the true creators and travelers of the world.
       Artists never retire.
       Our hearts are filled with altruism to live in a world of peace.
       And may the world feed on peace for the new generations.
       I want to thank and congratulate all the 283 artists from 63 countries who participated with love in this great festival!
      My thanks to the curators! Great workers.
       Thanks to all the members of the jury. Thanks to all the personalities who in one way or another supported this great international event "Peace Again".
       My thanks to Mr YU Cheon Eob for appreciating and trusting my judgment.
       Many blessings with health to all.
       Elsa Victorios
      I think, I will make no mistake if I thank our dear President of the Jury Ms Elsa Victorios not only from me personally, but from all the participants and organizers of the Festival. This post at facebook got loads of thanks, congratulations, gifts and postivie enegry.
      Let us follow the events of The Festival together and write a living diary of it, a live history of one of the greatest art events in South Korea and the whole of South-East Asia.
      And, paranthetically, I'm bursting with love and gratitute for Ms Elsa Victorios for inviting me to take part in this gorgeous art event.
      When I was trying to send my works (from THE ROADS series) to the Museum in June this year there was a break in the working days in Moscow, Russia, in connection with a new splash of covid-19 and I thought my works would never reach the Museum on time. But a mircale happened - I sent them on a Friday, late in the afternoon, but they started their journey to South Korea immedialtely, travelled throughout the non-working blank week across Eurasia and got to The Museum several days before the deadline. That's my fate, I thought. With compliments to the artist Koushal Choudhary who has supported me from the very beginning - he left no doubt that my works had to arrive in time.
      Mr Yoon Inseob wrote to me: "Hi! Your workd have arrived at the Museum. They are in good condition." My spirits soared!
      They went throught the International screening then and 17 judges gave them a very high mark!!! I rejoiced!!!
      One thing is doing a solo show, but participating in such a glorious International Art Festival is quite another. Yes!!! I want to be with everyone - together and promote peace and the arts in the world! From the bottom of my heart!!!
      Here is a video of the exhibition at the Geoje Museum:
      The opening ceremony of the 7th Geoje International Art Festival, which was held on September 5, was reported by the Korean media "Daehan Economic". The article focuses on Elsa Victorios (Chairman of the 7th Geoje International Art Festival Jury Chairperson), Kimboseong (Director of Kimboseong Art Center), and Seo Bonghee (Director of Yeosu Museum of Art), the recipients of the Achievement Award from the Asia-Pacific Association of the International Council of Museums. In particular, "PEACE, AGAIN", the theme of this festival, is introduced in detail through the work of Elsa Victorios (Chairman of the 7th Geoje International Art Festival.
      We have been waiting for this event for a long time. Now it is a thing of reality, not only a dream of our minds. BRAVO!!!
      Today is Sept.13 and one more exhibition has been opened. In Seoul!!! My congratulations to Elsa Victorios and other artists who are being displayed alongside with her!!! This is really great!!!!
      That's what Elsa Victorios wrote at facebook:
      This is my new adventure in Korea !
      My paintings from the "TRAVELERS OF THE WORLD" series are being exhibited in Kim Bo Seong Art Center in Seoul.
      With the title "DESTINATION".
      Works by artist Heidi Fosli and Chris Bleicher are also featured in each of the rooms. 3 artist 3 colors .
      Also In the other room are works from the Geoje 7th International Art Festival "PEACE AGAIN" are presented.
      We are all artists representing our countries, but in this case we become a representation of the Haegeumgang Theme Museum !
      My gratitude to our founder and director Cheon Eob YU!
      Congratulations to all artists and I wish you a lot of success!!!
      Chairman of the National Trust for Cultural Heritage Kim Jong-gyu visited the Kim Bo-seong Art Center, where the 7th Geoje International Art Festival and 3 Artists 3 Color Exhibition are on display. Cheon Eob YU, director of Haegeumgang Theme Museum, Boseong Kim, director of Boseong Kim Art Center, and Chairman Kim Jong-gyu are looking around the exhibition hall.
      And...OMG!!! My works from THE ROADS and PLANETS series have been selected for the Seoul exhibitions as well!!!
      That's what Elsa Victorios wrote to me:
      "Dear Olga, your works have been chosen for the display in Kim Bo Seong Art Center in Seoul!And for Yeosu Art Museum too!! Congratulations!!!"
      This is out of this world!!! I'm happy, happy, happy!!! I've sent 6 works and all of them are diplayed in different Museums and Art Centers in Soth Korea!!! This Festival is huge and wonderful!!!
      Here are my works on display in Seoul:
      The exhibition space in Seoul is beoynd praise!!! Bravo to the architect!!!
      This is a post at the Haegeumgang Theme Museum page:
      This is Haegeumgang Theme Museum.
      Artist works that are not currently exhibited at the Haegeumgang Theme Museum are on display at the Kimboseong Art Center in Seoul.
      A total of 283 artists from 63 countries participated in the 7th Geoje International Art Festival this year, and there are many people who have sent 2-3 or more works from one artist. The largest number of works from any international exhibition ever entered Korea, and we are working hard to display all these works.
      If you look at the exhibition sketch video of the Haegeumgang Theme Museum uploaded earlier, you can see the densely displayed works.
      In addition, we are conducting tour exhibitions at the Yeosu Art Museum and Kim Boseong Art Center, jointly organized so that the works of artists can be shown to the public in more diverse spaces.
      This photos showing now are works that have been transferred to the Kim Boseong Art Center. - Kim Boseong Art Center Exhibition Schedule: 2021.09.13~2021.09.28 (Seoul)
      Hello. Everyone
      This is the Haegeumgang Theme Museum.
      The 7th Geoje International Art Festival started.
      Thanks to all of you, this year, 283 artists from 63 countries participated in a splendid feat.
      Thank you to all participating artists.🥰🥰🎉🎉
      A sincere thanks to all the juries.🎉🎉🎉🎉
      Korea 7th Geoje International Art Festival Jury Chairman Elsa Victorios
      Jury Abdolreza Rabeti
      Jury Heidi Fosli
      Jury Gloria Grau Ruiz
      Jury Rajesh Yadav Visual Artist
      Jury Yulianus Yaps
      Jury Richard Buxani
      Jury Alexandra van der Leeu
      Jury Carlos Aranha
      Jury Daiva Linauskaite
      Jury Star Trauth
      Jury Swati Ghosh
      Jury Vicente Herrero Heca
      Jury Peter Gressman
      Jury Nao Morigo
      Starting with the Haegeumgang Theme Museum in Geoje, Korea on September 1, 2021
      At the same time, the exhibition is held at the Yeosu Art Museum.
      The Yeosu International Art Festival will be held for 10 days from September 1st to September 10th.
      The following photo is the site photo of the Yeosu Museum of Art exhibition DP. Haegeumgang Theme Museum. Some of the pieces that were not exhibited at the Yeosu Museum of Art Artists' works will be displayed throughout the tour.
      September 13, Seoul Geumboseong Art Center (exhibition period/September 13-28)
      November 1 Jeongeup City Living Culture Center (exhibition period / from November 1 to 25)
      From December 1st to Yeosu Art Museum (exhibition period/December 1st to 14th)
      From December 15th to Yeosu Art Museum (exhibition period/December 15th to 25th)
      Exhibitions are held on each day.
      Thank you for your interest.🌈🌈
      Thank you.
      Thank you, Haegeumgang Theme Museum!!! Thank you, the 7th International Art Festival!!! Thank you, Cheon Eob YU, Elsa Victorios and all the curators and art workers who made this drean come true!!!
      Now I'd like to present some greetings from the catalogue, which can give an insight into the history of the Geoje International Art Festival and its scope as well as the huge work done by the Director of the Museum Mr Cheon Eob YU, its curators and judges from all over the world.
      The first one is from the Mayor of the town of Geoje Mr Byun Gwang-yong.
      Hi, everyone! Very nice to meet you.
      I sincerely congratulate the holding of The 7th Geoje International Art Festival "Peace Again".
      From the 1st International Environmental Art Festival in 2015, in which 105 artists from 19 countries participated, until the 7th Geoje International Art Festival, in which 283 artists from 63 countries participated this year, to exchange with artists from around the world and revitalize the exhibition culture. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the people involved, including Director YU Cheon Eob and Kyung Myung-ja of the Haegeumgang Theme Museum for their hard work.
      In addition, I sincerely pay my respects to the artists who submitted valuable works that show the traces of their troubles and hard work.
      Since 2019, an exhibition under the theme of "peace" has been held at the Haegeumgang Theme Museum located at the end of Geoje, the "city of peace that goes to the world", so its meaning seems to be even greater.
      Through the exhibition of works by artists of various nationalities expressing their "peace", I hope that the citizens who are tired of the prolonged COVID-19 will be comforted and that they will be able to paint a picture of the world that they have forgotten as they run nonstop.
       I would like to express my gratitude once again to the staff of the Haegeumgang Theme Museum who are working hard to enhance the cultural competitiveness of Geoje City through various programs despite the difficult circumstances.
      Thank you.
      Mayor of Geoje City
      Byun Gwang-yong
      Isn't this a great address! Thank you very much, Mr Byun Gwang-yong. Now we can really see how the Festival has grown since the 1st one in 2015: from 105 artists from 19 countries up to 283 artists from 63 countries this year. Taking one step ahead I'd like to say that Elsa Victorios has already been elected the President of the Jury for the 8th International Geoje Art Festival in 2022. Congratulations, dear beautiful Elsa!!! With you as the President I'll send more works next year as a donation for the Festival and the Geoje Museum. And again this post gathered lots of rapture, congratulations and gifts at fb.
      And here is the greeting of the Chairman of The National Trust for Cultural Heritage Mr Kim Jong-gyu
      The Grand Festival of Art and Peace.
      Congratulations on the 7th Geoje International Art Festival.
      My heartfelt congratulations on the opening of the 2021 Geoje International Art Festival in Geoje, the world's only divided country and the land of peace where POW camps built during the Korean War remain.
      We welcome the opportunity to re-recognize the importance of freedom and the value of peace through a festival with the theme of "peace". I think this festival is a very meaningful opportunity to introduce and explore artists and works of various nationalities. I would also like to express my deepest gratitude to the directors and curators of Haegeumgang Theme Museum YU Cheon Eob and Kyung Myeong-ja for organizing this meaningful event.
      In addition, I would like to express my gratitude to the many domestic and foreign artists who actively participated in the Geoje International Art Festival in the midst of the unprecedented pandemic of infectious diseases sweeping the global village. As is well known, culture and art are media of communication that break down the boundaries of race, discrimination and language. It is also a message of joy that brings infinite energy and hope to a tired and tiring life. Although our cultures are different, we hope that it will be a precious time for us to exchange and communicate together under the theme of "peace" through the genre of art.
      At this Art Festival, you will be able to meet the world's perceptions and perspectives on peace in one place through various genres and works such as sculpture, painting, and video, and at the same time, you will be able to see the re-created peace in the new stream.
      I hope it will be a meaningful opportunity to think about the meaning of true peace and reaffirm the value of living together.
      Chairman of The National Trust for Cultural Heritage
      Kim Jong-gyu
      Indeed, the news of the Festival was a splash of joy for me in the midst of the covid darkness. I accepted this opportunity at once without thinking and thought inside myself that I would do everything to participate. I was rewarded for this decision. Now the works from my series ROADS are being displayed in various exhibitions - the programme of the Festival is fabulous! I've already seen one at the Geoje Haegeumgang Theme Museum+the stylish video installation of my art. Elsa Victorios told me that all the artists had got such an installation. A lot of effort from the organizers!!! Many thanks and wishes of further success!!!
      And as for living together - yes! We should be learning to do so all our lives while we are still on the Earth. Hopefully the arts can help us along these lines!
       to be continued

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