Hayley Shephard
Dear Captain

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    Поэма написана Хейли Шепард на борту пассажирского судна "Академик Иоффе" во время туристического рейса между островами арктического архипелага Канады и Гренландии летом 2007 года.

  • HAYLEY   [T.L.S.]
       Dear Captain!
       A poem for you from the Arctic
       The open lands of the Arctic
       Stretch for thousands of barren miles
       But nestle for a time in one place and
       See beauty unravel its truest secrets
       The rich and abundant wild-life
       That offers us more colors, more tones and textures
       You will not find anywhere else on earth.
       It is a place where the sun lies low in the sky
       Spreading its rays so effortlessly
       Along the undulating surfaces that lay dormant,
       Frozen in time
       Sculptured by the hand of mother nature,
       Leaving scars, to tell a tale of the challenges that each and every
       Plant and creature face,
       The same lines and scars you see on the people
       Who live amongst these harsh and frozen lands.
       Saturated in history, explorers traveled beyond the beaten track,
       Pushing time and making history as they penetrated
       Through passages no one could even imagine.
       Discovering new lands, new passes, new islands
       And another way of life
       For a brief moment in life
       They shared a land with only those who, over time
       Changed in ways to withstand the chilling winds, the unreachable food, the frozen sea, -
       The land that offers no shelter from the harshest wind at sea.
       And here we are, a group of keen and interested folk,
       Wanting to experience this untouchable land,
       To experience all of it, no matter how intimidating it may seem,
       And we did.
       We journeyed to the Arctic on a mighty ship,
       With a colorful staff and Captain and Crew who took us under their wing and gave us
       Moments to cherish with us
       We will forever keep hold of the memories.
       Hayley Shephard.

  • Комментарии: 4, последний от 30/10/2011.
  • © Copyright Hayley Shephard (tatarinls.ne@mail.ru)
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