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    мой самодеятельный любительский перевод рассказа, начало

  •   Nadya and I have been friends since ourfirst class together 30 years ago.
      We look alike and share the same problem: we cannot seem tofind a good job.
      Everything was out of luck.
      But fate smiled at us.
      One day Nadya and I were sitting in the square in front of Kazan Cathedral, remembering our past failures and how our work did not build any prospects.
      The benches in the square were empty and wet.
      There were few tourists.
      In November, the weather doesn't allow anyone to sit on the benches.
      And it gets dark early in St Petersburg; at four o'clock it is already night.
      "Good evening." - Suddenly an intelligent man sat down next to us.
      "What evening? There are only four hours in the day!" - snapped Nadya.
      "Good day... - said the stranger, trying to recover, but this time he did not receive a reply.
      I wanted to respond to his greeting, but the man was sitting with Nadya`s hand, and was so impressed that he spoke only with her.
      "I have met you before," - he said.
      He wanted to get acquainted with Nadya and wasn't paying attention to me.
      "I saw you last summer in the garden. And I wanted to meet you then. You see, I am the owner of a fashion store. I really need attractive-looking employees. I suggest you work in my boutique. Do not go back immediately ...! In any case, I invite you and yourfriend (theman and I senteach otherradiant smiles) to visit my clothing store." - He left a card with the address of his boutique on it. - "Maybe make a purchase ..."
      And the employer left.
      "We go?"
      "Let's go!"
      And the next day we went shopping in a boutique.
      Go find him. He was on the Nevsky Prospekt.
      The building built in the beginning of the last century has been improved in favor on the ground floor shop.
      Shopwindow been so extended that the front wall of the building was practically no up to the second etazhayu. The brick wall was demolished and replaced with aluminum window frames with clean, bright clear glasses.
      The house got sneaky architectural impact on the first floor, held a last effort.
      Second, third and fourth floors were carrying their weight on their own, without relying on anything. And not hopeless.
      The brightly lit interior lured buyers.

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  • © Copyright Ашь Елена (11111158@mail.ru)
  • Обновлено: 21/03/2013. 3k. Статистика.
  • Статья: Перевод
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