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  • Hilda Doolittle or H.D.
      was a well-known poet...
    I'm not.
      So what?
    When time came
      I used her poem
    "Winter love"
       for my own...*
    Far above 
         was something
      that we both could feel,
    bridging the time - 
      an almost 100 years gap,
    which poetry could overlap...
    "How could I love again, ever..."
    I'm quoting her,
       not myself.
    She was a modernist...
    When I began 
     to write in English
      I was 19...
    I lived 
         in a closed country
      having no idea
    of blank verse,
    the whole
      English speaking world
         was using it...
    People put 
        me to shame:
      "How can you write in English!
    Are you Nabokov???!!!"
      Of course, I not.
    I was and am Slowboat.
        Brodsky -
    three steps of modernism..."
    Now I'm quoting myself...
    I shouldn't have listened to them!
    But I went on and on -
      writing in both
    English and Russian...
    And now I see
      girls from Belorussia
    who teach American Uiversities
      and write in 3 languages,
    translating in 4...,
      or even more...
    You must have the courage
      to declare yourself a poet
    or an artist
      and not to listen to mediocre
    phisiltine minds....
    Now I'm mature enough
      not to listen to anyone 
    who utters rubbish...
    But time...
    How can I publish
      all my 10, 000 poems
    in blank verse
      or rhyme...
    Jan. 28, 2024
    * http://lit.lib.ru/editors/s/slobodkina_o/howcouldilovedoc.shtml

  • © Copyright Слободкина Ольга (olga_slobodkina@mail.ru)
  • Обновлено: 28/01/2024. 1k. Статистика.
  • Стихотворение: Поэзия

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