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Май. Все еще холодно

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  • Май. Все еще холодно.
       Желаемое недостижимо.
         Жизнь и время -
    что бы ни делать -
       проходят мимо.*
    "We're just passing through,"
        said a lady in the film
    "Before the Moon".*
      The first two films were cool,
       but a film about a happy family life
    is unbearable
       bringing forth a sardonic smile.
    That is why
        all the films,
    stories and plays
     end with a wedding
    and then...
       who knows!
    But that's not a subject for both,
       i.e. either.
    And only when
      there comes a trage-
     art starts
      lifting its chin
    in a hope
       to create something
      there has never been,
    I mean, 
      and will be 
    never more.
    May 6, 2023
    *It's May. It's still cold.
    The desirable is unattainable...
       Life and time -
    whatever you do -
      are passing through...
    *"Before Sunrise", "Before Sunset" and "Before Midnight" - 3 films by Richard Stuart Linklater

  • © Copyright Слободкина Ольга (olga_slobodkina@mail.ru)
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